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Askia is a complete solution for marketing research.


Provides us with a reliable platform to collect data in a wide variety of modes, and a control center that allows us to monitor and manage all research tasks and track field progress in real time in a single environment, from anywhere.

With multi-methodology function we were able to start an online project and finish the interview via CATI / CAPI, for example, within the same environment.

Modifications to real - time surveys - change questions, quotas, add listings without any downtime in fieldwork.

Management - Complete control over interviewers' samples, quotas, progress and performance.


Monitoring - real-time screen viewing, simultaneous listening, chat with interviewers, listing status reports, among others.

Call center home office structure - Interviewers and supervisors have remote CATI access


Our customers can follow the progress of the field in real time through a shared link.


As a partner customer you can choose to use our software or your platform.





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