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To ensure the quality of the data we collect for you, and as part of our quality control procedures, we implement a set of monitoring and verification processes in each project.


The following is a summary of the quality control process we have adopted for our projects, which can be adjusted to meet the specific needs of a particular project or a customer request.

Reunião de grupo

Recruitment Quality

We use strict treatment to avoid duplicate contacts and professional or false respondents.

Colegas de negócios jovens

Rules of participation

Respondents are eligible to participate in a survey if they have not participated in any study in the last 6 months, among other rules.

Analisando os dados

Quality Control Manager

For each research project, a manager is selected as responsible for supervising the quality control processes.

Conferência de negócios


Before starting fieldwork, everyone involved in the project receives training on the research objectives and the content of the questionnaire.


Data quality checks

All data is checked by analysts to avoid inconsistent responses and quality assurance.

Documento com Pen

Identity procedure

The identity is verified using the CRQ tool.
We asked all respondents for their identification number and home address.

Research Legal e Escrita

Verification of research material

Before starting recruitment or interviews, we check the material sent by checking translated versions and consistency of filter questionnaire questions.

Edição de vídeo


Recruitment and interview process monitored in real time. All calls are recorded.




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Kampo Brasil Research

Quality is our motto!

Quality control is our differential.


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